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Love transforms – instantly and forever – when you believe. I’m no longer a seeker for God’s truth – I’m a purveyor.


He has three children who are a popular muse for his personal writings.


More important than the treasures of the storehouse are the treasures of the body, and the treasures of the heart are the most valuable of all.


Writing and communicating, no matter the medium, are genuine passions extending beyond career creative outlets.

Magazine Editor

Feature writing, essays and short stories have appeared in The Kansas City Star, Urban Times, Review, Ink Magazine, Present Magazine, and Career College Central.

Public Relations

Kevin has worked in the Public Relations and Communications field for industry leaders such as: DuPont, Sun Life Financial, PlattForm Advertising and Career College Central.

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Latest Articles

ByKevin Kuzma May 8, 2022

Baby clothes

With the same gentleness that she would handle an infant, she folded the baby clothes and set them on the shelf. She was kneeling in the back of

ByKevin Kuzma Jan 31, 2021

Asking directions

I walked out onto Main leaving a happy hour at this pretentious bistro when a woman pulls up to the sidewalk. “Do you know how to get to A

ByKevin Kuzma Jan 30, 2021

Barren field

Stripped clean from its crop, the field lies flooded and completely bare to torrential rains. The downpour started sometime in the early hou

ByKevin Kuzma Dec 10, 2020

Drifting in the window

Tonight I'm going to leave my window open. Maybe she will float in on the breeze. Or maybe I will freeze to death first. 49 degrees and rain

ByKevin Kuzma Mar 27, 2020

Dangling innocence

Lying on my backon the picnic tablein my grandparents’ backyardI used to sing to the birdsin the high branchesof the catalpa treeaboveMy g

ByKevin Kuzma Mar 24, 2020

Message from a former lover

This one camenot in glass bottlenot washed up toshorenot hand-writtennot whisperednot with scream, followed by door slamnot radio wavesnot s

ByKevin Kuzma Mar 18, 2020

Remorseless destroyer

Drown their armies!The big antsmoving in the tree barkRunning in and outof the creasesHiding in the shadows andthen breaking out into the li

ByKevin Kuzma Mar 18, 2020

Foreign fantasy

It is foreign to a manhow a woman will keep a fantasyand not want to live it outTo her, it’s a dreamAn illicit one, maybethe idea of which