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Jesus Follower

Christ’s love transforms – instantly and forever – when you believe. I’m no longer a seeker for God’s truth – I’m a purveyor.


He has three children who are a popular muse for his personal writings.


More important than the treasures of the storehouse are the treasures of the body, and the treasures of the heart are the most valuable of all.


Writing and communicating, no matter the medium, are genuine passions extending beyond career creative outlets.

Magazine Editor

Feature writing, essays and short stories have appeared in The Kansas City Star, Urban Times, Review, Ink Magazine, Present Magazine, and Career College Central.

Public Relations

Kevin has worked in the Public Relations and Communications field for industry leaders such as: DuPont, Sun Life Financial, PlattForm Advertising and Career College Central.

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Latest Articles

ByKevin Kuzma Oct 28, 2022

To all who hear this

To all who hear thisin the middle of a dark placewhere shadows won’t seem to let goplease, understandthere is Hope.A lightto burn a path throu

ByKevin Kuzma May 8, 2022

Baby clothes

With the same gentleness that she would handle an infant, she folded the baby clothes and set them on the shelf. She was kneeling in the back of

ByKevin Kuzma May 7, 2022

Little book

I have in me a little angel, with a faint voice, who always speaks from his heart. But I also have in me a roaring devil who screams daily—and

ByKevin Kuzma Apr 25, 2020

A prayer released

From my lips the prayer is released.I watch it go up on something like angel wingsriding wherever the wind takes it,but always climbing,angl

ByKevin Kuzma Apr 12, 2020

Undoing our graves

Pilate told his soldiers to make the tomb as secure as they could. I’m sure they followed orders, sealing it off with a barrier no man cou

ByKevin Kuzma Apr 10, 2020

Three days without Jesus

I wonder sometimes what those three days must have been like. After watching him pierced and humiliated came the endless hours and sleepless

ByKevin Kuzma Apr 9, 2020

In your prayers

In the gospel written by Luke (a physician), he mentions that Jesus was in such anguished prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane “his sweat wa

ByKevin Kuzma Mar 7, 2020

A poem written in my bathtub

Of course, it depends on the woman. But generally speaking, it’s not looks or money or anything material. The desire isn’t a certain lif