About Kevin

Jesus Follower

Christ’s love transforms – instantly and forever – when you believe. I’m no longer a seeker for God’s truth – I’m a purveyor.


He has three children who are a popular muse for his personal writings.


More important than the treasures of the storehouse are the treasures of the body, and the treasures of the heart are the most valuable of all.


Writing and communicating, no matter the medium, are genuine passions extending beyond career creative outlets.

Magazine Editor

Feature writing, essays and short stories have appeared in The Kansas City Star, Urban Times, Review, Ink Magazine, Present Magazine, and Career College Central.

Public Relations

Kevin has worked in the Public Relations and Communications field for industry leaders such as: DuPont, Sun Life Financial, PlattForm Advertising and Career College Central.

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Latest Articles

ByKevin Kuzma May 3, 2019

Retreating to the Wilderness

In the deepest thicket of woods, on the remotest of walking trails, we can feel closer to God than any of the places we find ourselves in on a n

ByKevin Kuzma May 2, 2019

This Now

This body once given to so many othersNow belongs to you.This mind once confused and led astrayNow is rooted in your words.This heart once w

ByKevin Kuzma May 2, 2019

Like David

Three stones, LordPut them in my pocket.A slingshot, LordFirm in my hand.My giant sneers,He mocks my faith. Fill my heart, Lordwith your cour

ByKevin Kuzma May 1, 2019

Found Journal Entry

This morning I was searching through some old papers and found this journal entry. I wrote these words in May 2014, when I was at the beginning

ByKevin Kuzma May 1, 2019

A Waiting Audience

When it seems no one in your life appears to be listening, it can be stunning to realize that the creator of the universe wants to hear what you

ByKevin Kuzma May 1, 2019

The First Words of Jesus

Have you ever met someone and gotten the feeling that they were going to play an important role in your life? Even before you got to know them,

ByKevin Kuzma Apr 30, 2019

Where Are You In This?

Poetry and portraits,Biographies and prophecies,You speak of damnation and eternal hell fire,While offering messages of love, forgiveness and gr

ByKevin Kuzma Apr 29, 2019

Resurrection Dawn

Moonlight soft and faint above the trees,Casting a shadow of jagged curtains along the horizon.The singing of birds riding sharp but muted on th