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Jesus Follower

Christ’s love transforms – instantly and forever – when you believe. I’m no longer a seeker for God’s truth – I’m a purveyor.


He has three children who are a popular muse for his personal writings.


More important than the treasures of the storehouse are the treasures of the body, and the treasures of the heart are the most valuable of all.


Writing and communicating, no matter the medium, are genuine passions extending beyond career creative outlets.

Magazine Editor

Feature writing, essays and short stories have appeared in The Kansas City Star, Urban Times, Review, Ink Magazine, Present Magazine, and Career College Central.

Public Relations

Kevin has worked in the Public Relations and Communications field for industry leaders such as: DuPont, Sun Life Financial, PlattForm Advertising and Career College Central.

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Latest Articles

ByKevin Kuzma Feb 22, 2018

Vertical small group

Here’s how our typical Wednesday night goes with our middle school small group following the full Vertical service: These young men slowly

ByKevin Kuzma Feb 20, 2018

Overcoming our own fathers

His arrival in this world was also his first losing brawl. From the moment he took his first breaths, he was imperfect. He wasn't granted a grace

ByKevin Kuzma Feb 20, 2018

Give me strength

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord, When we commit our hearts to you, our sins are taken away and our souls are washed as white as snow. So why is it

ByKevin Kuzma Feb 9, 2018

Dream theater

The following is based on an actual dream from a few months ago. Initially I was worried too much time had passed and I wouldn’t be able to rec

ByKevin Kuzma Feb 7, 2018

Mornings at the window

Psalms 51:17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit The window is a perfect square with no pains, just one large glass plate. The ledge st

ByKevin Kuzma Feb 5, 2018

Felt in full

This is a prayer I wrote in my journal a few days ago. I have to admit … I made some revisions to it before posting it publicly, mostly to prot

ByKevin Kuzma Feb 4, 2018

In an instant

Bible verse interpretation: Romans 2:29 A person with a changed heart seeks praise from God, not from people. My heart changed in an instant. I

ByKevin Kuzma May 13, 2017

Joshua on the ceiling

This is Cameron and his dog Nico. After a fight with his dad, Cameron was put out on the streets and has been staying in a homeless shelter d