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Jesus Follower

Christ’s love transforms – instantly and forever – when you believe. I’m no longer a seeker for God’s truth – I’m a purveyor.


He has three children who are a popular muse for his personal writings.


More important than the treasures of the storehouse are the treasures of the body, and the treasures of the heart are the most valuable of all.


Writing and communicating, no matter the medium, are genuine passions extending beyond career creative outlets.

Magazine Editor

Feature writing, essays and short stories have appeared in The Kansas City Star, Urban Times, Review, Ink Magazine, Present Magazine, and Career College Central.

Public Relations

Kevin has worked in the Public Relations and Communications field for industry leaders such as: DuPont, Sun Life Financial, PlattForm Advertising and Career College Central.

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Latest Articles

ByKevin Kuzma Apr 19, 2019

Anxious Prayer

From the middle of the night came his anxious prayer.In the dead silence, long before dawn,the Savior sent up his voice on a clear line to h

ByKevin Kuzma Apr 17, 2019

Silver Bird

On the path this morning, I saw a silver bird no bigger than my fist, too weak to fly. He ran along ahead of me in bursts. As I came closer,

ByKevin Kuzma Apr 15, 2019

No Sooner

No sooner than I say amen, the shadows are upon me and I slip back into flesh.The immediacy magnifies my failure and I feel even more distan

ByKevin Kuzma Mar 3, 2019

All Yours

Speak prophecy over me. Appear to me in my dreams and visions. Whisper to me in the quiet moments of my day and alight my soul with your wis

ByKevin Kuzma Mar 2, 2019

Pure Heart

Judge me by my heart, O Lord.Look deep into me.See past my sin and search for my goodness.In my actions, I constantly let you down.Again and

ByKevin Kuzma Feb 21, 2019

Right Spirit

Tonight in the final calm of the day, the outdoors softened and quieted by blankets of snow, I heard your voice loud and clear. “With the

ByKevin Kuzma Feb 19, 2019

Mountain Pass

On the mountain pass, just before daybreak, I found you alone in prayer. I passed your followers a ways down the trail, still slumbering aro

ByKevin Kuzma Feb 16, 2019

Evening Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord,As twilight comes down and the color drains from the world, I offer my gratitude to you for being with me through